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This ultra-funky Metallica vs Stevie Wonder soundclash is an absolute delight

Metallica Vs Stevie Wonder
(Image credit: DJ Cummerbund)

Ever wondered what Metallica’s Master Of Puppets would sound like if covered by Stevie Wonder? Of course you haven’t, because you’re not a twisted genius like DJ Cummerbund, a mash-up wizard who had brought us immeasurable levels  of joy over the years with his imaginative and witty mash-ups. 

We could bang on about why this particular soundclash, Wishmaster, works so well, but pressing ‘Play’ below will tell you everything you need to know.

Absolutely wonderful.

Previous sonic sorcery from the magnificent Cummerbund skilfully juxtaposes Rammstein vs Beyonce and Tool vs Justin Bieber, Old Staind Road featuring Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Staind, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nirvana, Alice In Chains vs. Katrina & The WavesRammstein vs. Wild CherryKiss vs. B-52'sEagles vs. Dragonforce with added Beyonce, Zeppelin vs. Greta Van FleetMetallica vs. Earth, Wind & FireOzzy Osbourne vs. Earth Wind & Fire, the Foo Fighters vs. funk king Rick JamesTwisted Sister vs. Blind Melon, and Rush vs. R&B superstar Kelis

DJ Cummerbund, we salute you.