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Hotel California taken to new levels of hysteria with power metal makeover

DY Cummerbund has struck again, like some sort of masked mash-up ninja. This time he's taken Eagles' sun-dappled classic Hotel California and melded it skilfully with Through The Fire And Flames, by British power metal outfit Dragonforce.

The result? The original's hazy, wandering warmth is lost to a violent bout of 78rpm sickness. It's starts crazy and ends crazier, with a helium-damaged Beyonce singing Destiny's Child's Say My Name over the top of the song as it rapidly spirals out of control.  

"As I was traversing the astral plane the other morning, I was approached by a spirit entity, " says the mysterious Cummerbund. "The being had a dark energy, and told me his name was 'Dusty'. He then instructed me to make this song."

Well. That's nice. 

DJ Cummerbund has previously been responsible for such unlikely feats as Led Zeppelin vs. Greta Van Fleet, Metallica vs. Earth, Wind & Fire, Ozzy Osbourne vs. Earth Wind & Fire, the Foo Fighters vs. funk king Rick James, Twisted Sister vs. Blind Melon, and Rush vs. R&B superstar Kelis

Fraser Lewry

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