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Earth, Wind & Ozzys is the funkiest thing you'll hear today

Earth, Wind & Ozzy

DJ Cummerbund, the mysterious mash-up artist whose previous work includes startling conglomerations of Rush & Kelis, Foo Fighters & Rick James and Twisted Sister & Blind Melon, has emerged with what may well be his strongest offering so far.

Earth, Wind & Ozzys takes the vocals from Ozzy’s Osbourne’s first solo single Crazy Train and welds it to the instrumental backing from Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 hit September. The result? Ozzy’s demented classic now has added bounce: the song is flooded with more funk than you’ll find at the average James Brown convention, while the lines, “Mental wounds still screaming / Driving me insane” sound almost joyous.

It’s probably the most uplifting song about railways/mental illness/the cold war (depends who you believe) you’ll ever hear.

DJ Cummerbund originally came to prominence with The Sound Of Smash Mouth, a melancholy combination of Disturbed’s cover of Simon And Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence with Smash Mouth’s own hit All Star.

For more of his magnificent mash-ups, pay a visit to DJ Cummerbund’s YouTube channel.

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