The 1975 fan thinks he's buying a Cameo video message from frontman Matt Healy, ends up with "the nicest message" from Trivium's Matt Heafy instead

Matt Healy on stage and Matt Heafy doing a cameo recording
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Anyone who's paid even the loosest bit of attention to metal in the past two decades knows that Trivium frontman Matt Heafy is one of the nicest fellas in the game. Not only does he make a ton of time for his fans both via his 'day job' and his excellent presence on Twitch, but he goes above and beyond in platforming great, upcoming young metal bands who could greatly benefit from the exposure.

This past weekend, Heafy's lovely nature shone through once again courtesy of a hilarious mishap in which a fan of British pop-rock heavyweights The 1975 learned the value of reading everything carefully, at least twice, before making any hasty decisions.

The fan, named Colin and also in a band called Post-Party, wished to buy his good friend and Post-Party bandmate Matthew a special gift to celebrate the start of 2023.  He decided that a video from Cameo - the service that orders special, personalised videos from celebrities to fans - would do the trick. When he believed he'd found an option to order a Cameo from none other than chaotic The 1975 frontman Matt Healy, he thought he'd struck gold.

"I went on Cameo, as you do, to look at the options, great options, great Cameos," explains Colin in a video since shared by Matt Heafy himself. "And suddenly, Matt Healy shows up, and I'm like, 'No way he's doing Cameos for $75.' I was like, 'That is wild. That is wild.'"

Needless to say, Colin jumped on the chance to order a personalised message from one of his friend's favourite artists. Except, when the Cameo came through a few days later, he didn't quite get what he was expecting.

"A couple of days later, I receive this," chuckles Colin, sharing a message that confirms he has actually received a personalised Cameo from our beloved heavy metal hero instead. "Yeah," Colin adds. "Matthew Heafy. From Trivium." 

Colin then shares what he describes as "the nicest message ever received on Cameo," before playing a clip in which The Heaf wishes both Colin and Matthew well, commemorates their celebration of the holidays, acknowledges their band and their shared love of "raw steak."

"I feel so bad," bemoans Colin. Don't worry, pal. Your 'loss' has been the Internet's gain.

Watch the delightfully wholesome mishap below.

The 1975 are currently in the midst of a UK tour, while Trivium are currently touring mainland Europe with Heaven Shall Burn, Obituary and Malevolence - the latter of whom recently went viral for their show-stealing turn at the tour's London show.

Merlin Alderslade
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