The Internet is in L.O.V.E with The 1975's utterly chaotic frontman Matty Healy, and here's why

Matty Healy of the 1975
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If you've been anywhere near the world wide web over the last few weeks, you may have stumbled across various eyebrow-raising headlines centred around The 1975's increasingly infamous frontman Matty Healy. 'Infamous' because, well, he's a bit of a wild card, as he proved when shocking audiences only a few weeks ago by gobbling down some raw meat while fondling himself on stage.

This sort of goblin-like behaviour isn't at all out-of-character for the singer, however. On his band's current US tour, Healy is all about provoking fans to question their adoration, while simultaneously making them love him all the more for it. Some fans have even printed up t-shirts featuring the words 'I Hate Matty Healy'. It's pretty weird, honestly.

Healy is so popular on TikTok right now that it's pretty difficult to scroll through a news feed for long without witnessing him sassily thrusting into a camera, slovenly slurping from a bottle of wine, or muttering something questionable while his vocals are drenched in auto-tune. This tends to happen during the song TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME, which is now a trending theme on the platform, with the 'Matty Healy auto tune' hashtag amassing a whopping 2.7 million views.

Probably the most watched moment is when the alt-pop singer called out security in Phoenix, Arizona for "just standing there like a bunch of dickheads" and failing to help out fans who had fallen over. You can imagine why this was so funny; hearing his nonchalant, potty-mouthed disapproval delivered in a bizarre robotic voice.

There's also the time a fan threw a couple of menthol cigarettes towards him, to which he replies "Don't throw menthols on this stage" (whilst bopping around like a bunny rabbit)..."Don't like menthols". Fans have made hundreds of memes about it in response, causing Healy to repeat his dislike of menthols with auto-tune at later shows.

Despite coming across as un-hinged, Healy is without a doubt considered a heartthrob. In fact, he even granted one fan her "first kiss", which was recorded and witnessed by over 4M people on TikTok. At another show, he invited a fan up on stage to get a tattoo done by his own personal tattoo artist, whilst crooning to her softly in an embrace. 

While the 1975 star certainly is charming, his fanbase are (thankfully) incredibly self-aware of how strange he is, not least on the numerous occasions he's straddled his cameraman, while thrusting his groin and drooling saliva onto the lens. And he does have a strange tenancy for touching himself provocatively, which continually sends The Internet into a tizzy of uncomfortable slash smitten confusion.

There's countless manic Matty Healy moments out there, so for your entertainment, we've compiled a bunch of them for you below. Don't blame us though if you suddenly fall in love and/or find yourself reaching for a sick bucket.  


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