Scardust premiere epic new video for Concrete Cages

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Israeli progressive metallers Scardust have premiered their brand new epic video for Concrete Cages with Prog, and you can watch the full seven-minute video below.

Concrete Cages features hurdy gurdy player Patty Gurdy as well as a string quartet and tjhe Hellcore metal choir, and sees the band add touches of folk to their repertoire.

“Working with Scardust is like working with a group of wizards," enthuses Gurdy. "The whole band consists of extremely skilled musicians and their creative energy is absolutely inspiring.”

The song, taken from the band's 2020 album Strangers, deals with leaving a simpler life in order to live in the big city, where everyone who's anyone is and where everything 'happens'. But in line with the album’s overall theme, there is contradiction in the song, and a sting in the tail.

“Filming Concrete Cages was unbelievable," says Scardust singer Noa Gruman. "Had you asked me 2 years ago, I probably would have said it will never happen, because at the time, it looked like the cancellation was final. But none of the people involved gave up on it.

"As soon as it was possible for Patty to finally make the trip to Tel Aviv, she hopped on a plane in a heartbeat. Patty is not only an amazing artist, but also an incredible human being. She has always believed in our music and never gave up on us.

Hellscore is simply a family. They are always there for me, whether in the scorching sun or on a freezing night like the one we had on that glamorous skyscraper rooftop.

"The production was managed by the spirited Lahav Levi who worked round the clock to ensure that every second and every frame in this video is as close to perfect as could be. I hope you will be able to see the passion and love that was put into it. Concrete Cages finally has the video it deserves!”

Scardust will be appearing at the Dong Open Air Festival in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany on July 14 and at Wacken Open Air Festival in August. They are also performing a show at the Gagarin Club in Tel Aviv on July 9 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of 2017's Sands Of Time.

Get Strangers.

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