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Pure Reason Revolution share video for sprawling new single Ghosts & Typhoons

Pure Reason Revolution
Pure Reason Revolution (Image credit: InsideOut Music)

Pure Reason Revolution have released a Thomas Hicks-created video for their single Ghosts & Typhoons.

It’s the latest material taken from Jon Courtney and Chloe Alper’s new album Eupnea, which was officially released earlier today through InsideOut Music.

Speaking exclusively about the song to Prog in a track-by-track guide to Pure Reason Revolution’s first album since 2010’s Hammer And Anvil, Courtney said: “A nine-minute rollercoaster and surreal odyssey into doom. Pink Floyd tussling with Bring Me The Horizon?

“I went mental on the drum programming and session drummer, Geoff Dugmore absolutely smashed it. He did a great job replicating and going beyond what I’d programmed. On some of the rolls he said, ‘This isn’t possible to do, drummers can’t do this!’ However, with cheeky overdubs it was possible. He did a remarkable job and added his incredible groove.”

Courtney added: “We did Chloe’s vocals for this during a blisteringly hot Berlin summer. Each night she’d cluster all the fans we had in the studio and take them to the rather primitive hotel down the road. The vortex of gusts from all the fans almost levitated her off the bed!”

Pure Reason Revolution will head out on the road later this year on a co-headline tour with Gazpacho.

Pure Reason Revolution: Eupnea
Pure Reason Revolution are back with their first album since 2010's Hammer And Anvil. Eupnea is an epic recording and features the singles New Obsession, Silent Genesis and Ghosts & Typhoons.View Deal