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Primus announce 2017 London Roundhouse show

Primus' Les Claypool
Primus' Les Claypool (Image credit: Getty)

Primus will perform at London’s Roundhouse on June 20, 2017.

An Evening With Primus will see bassist and vocalist Les Claypool , guitarist Larry Lalonde and drummer Tim Alexander perform at the Camden venue for the first time.

The announcement comes after the newly released edition of Primus’ eighth album Primus & The Chocolate Factory was recently nominated in the Grammy’s Best Surround Sound Album category.

Claypool recently recalled recording the theme tune for hit animated comedy South Park – adding that he was amazed it ever went to air.

He said: “We got a call years ago that these guys were working on this little animated pilot for Comedy Central. They were a couple of college kids who were fans of the band, and I guess they approached me to do the theme song.

“At the time, Primus had just gotten a new drummer, so I said, ‘Let’s have Primus do it. We had watched their Christmas thing that was going around, and we realised these guys were pretty clever, but there was no way in hell that they were going to be able to get something like that on television.

“More than anything, it was just an excuse for us to go into the studio and start experimenting.”

The band have also scheduled appearances at Columbus’ Rock On The Range festival in Ohio, US in May and Clisson’s Hellfest in France in June, prior to their headline London show.

Tickets for An Evening With Primus will go on sale at 12pm at MyTicket on December 9.

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