Meshuggah aim for 2016 album


Meshuggah are aiming to release their eighth album next year, drummer Tomas Haake has revealed.

And he’s offered a sneak preview of one of the band’s songs in progress.

Haake says in the studio video below: “Right now we’re writing for an album that will hopefully be out in 2016.

“Sometimes a song idea comes from a guitarist or a bass, sometimes it’s from me as a drummer. When it’s my song, it starts with me messing around at the kit.”

Hakke then demonstrates what he calls “more of a rhythmical idea” and shows how it proceeds to the songwriting stage.

Meshuggah’s last studio release was 2012’s Koloss. Last September they launched live DVD The Ophidian Trek as part of the band’s 25th anniversary celebrations – along with a remastered edition of their one-track EP I.