Mallory Knox's video wake up

Mallory Knox have released a video for When Are We Waking Up?, from the band's second album Asymmetry, the follow-up to 2013's Signals.

“This album sees us really develop as musicians and as a band. We just want to keep climbing,” says singer Mikey Chapman. “I fear for the day when we sit back on our laurels and say, ‘I’m OK with where we are now’. We’ve got to keep developing, keep learning, become better musicians on every level. Don’t shoot for the stars and settle for halfway.”

When Are We Waking Up? is the third track to be released from Asymmetry, following Ghost In The Mirror and Shout At The Moon. Earlier this month, Chapman and Sam Douglas also filmed a special, acoustic version of Shout At The Moon for TeamRock. The band play tonight and tomorrow night at London’s Electric Ballroom.