Kaipa release lyric video for the epic Children Of The Sounds


Kaipa have released a lyric video for their epic new song Children Of The Sounds.

It’s the title track from the Swedish outfit’s upcoming 13th album, which will arrive on September 22 via InsideOut Music.

Kaipa mastermind Hans Lundin says: “I’ve often wondered where all those notes are coming from when the inspiration suddenly hits me in one of those magical moments when I just have to start writing a new song.

“Maybe I have a huge library of notes that I’ve collected during all my life, hidden somewhere in my sub-consciousness. Maybe these notes have been played before and then they just vanish in the air.

“After slumbering for many years, they suddenly wake up eager to start a new life and to form new combinations, and so they guide me through the writing process.”

Lundin is joined on the follow-up to 2014’s Sattyg by Per Nilsson, Morgan Ågren, Jonas Reingold, Patrik Lundström and Aleena Gibson. Violinist Elin Rubinsztein will also make a guest appearance.

Children Of The Sounds is now available for pre-order, while the cover art and tracklist can be found below.

Kaipa Children Of The Sounds tracklist

  1. Children Of The Sounds
  2. On The Edge Of New Horizons
  3. Like A Serpentine
  4. The Shadowy Sunlight
  5. What’s Behind The Fields

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