Lynne planning ELO live shows

Jeff Lynne is planning a run of Electric Light Orchestra shows in the UK early next year.

And although nothing’s been confirmed, he’s considering the possibility of following them with a US tour.

He brought ELO back to life with a festival set in London’s Hyde Park last year, and enjoyed the experience so much that he went on to complete his album Alone In The Universe under the band name.

But the cancellation of their last major tour in 2001 means he’s being cautious about the future.

Rolling Stone reports that Lynne’s manager is “planning some big concerts in England in the spring.” Lynne says: “As far as more shows, we’ll see what happens. If it goes well I’ll certainly do more stuff. Let’s hope it goes well.”

The previous tour was called off as a result of low ticket sales. “That showed me I probably shouldn’t even bother,” he recalls. “My manager spared me the details of everything. But I wasn’t too demoralised, because I got some tunes in films, and I just love recording.”

While keyboardist Richard Tandy is part of the revamped ELO live lineup, Lynne is unlikely to work with any other previous member – especially after a series of court actions, brought after people used the band name to promote their own projects.

“It’s water under the bridge, but I don’t like talking about them,” he says. “It’s just people pretending. What happens is that the name gets changed to ELO, or the promoter changes it, and I have to sue them every time.”

Alone In The Universe is released on November 13.

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