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Is Edgar Winter vs Tupac vs Deep Purple the ultimate rock/rap crossover?

Frankenfornia Starstein
(Image credit: DJ Cumerbund)

In February 1973, the Edgar Winter Group released their classic instrumental Frankenstein. It hit the number one spot in The US three months later, confirming its classic status. 

"To me, Frankenstein is still my favourite song to play live," Winter told us in 2015. "I love it because it’s almost like a precursor of heavy metal. 

"I mean, it really rocked hard. But it also has this sense of freedom and has this improvisational jazz aspect too. It’s just a great excuse to jam."

Now mashup maestro DJ Cummerbund has expanded the song's remit even further, taking Winter's ludicrous funk groove and augmenting it with Tupac Shakur's rap classic California Love. 

It's a fit so natural it's a surprise no one has done it before, but there's another surprise coming: towards the end of Cummerbund's freakish experiment, Ian Gillan's vocal from Deep Purple's Highway Star hoves into view, and it also sounds like a perfect fit.

"Death Row and Hasbro bring the bounce to Edgar Winter and friends," says Cummerbund. "Will you shake it with us?"

We certainly will, DJ Cummerbund. We certainly will. 

Previous mash-ups from the clearly troubled Cummerbund include a Bandersnatch-style mash-up adventure alongside more traditional examples of the artform including Rammstein vs Beyonce, Justin Bieber vs Tool, and Old Staind Road featuring Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Staind, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nirvana. 

Then there's Alice In Chains vs. Katrina & The WavesRammstein vs. Wild CherryKiss vs. B-52'sEagles vs. Dragonforce with added Beyonce, Zeppelin vs. Greta Van FleetMetallica vs. Earth, Wind & FireOzzy Osbourne vs. Earth Wind & Fire, the Foo Fighters vs. funk king Rick JamesTwisted Sister vs. Blind Melon, and Rush vs. R&B superstar Kelis.  

We could go on. He certainly will. 

Fraser Lewry

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