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Glass Ocean release video for new single Almaida

Glass Ocean
(Image credit: Wild Thing Records)

Australian prog quintet Glass Ocean have released a video for their new single Almaida. it's the fourth single to be taken from the band's upcoming debut album The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else, which will be released through Wild Thing Records on August 21.

"Lost in malevolence and spite, sometimes we have travelled too far down a dark road for the light to turn us back," explains singer Tobias Atkins. "Sometimes, a taste of our own medicine is enough to wake us from the living dead into life. A taste of where our ideals could take us if we dare travel any further down this road. Feeding monsters make them grow until they're all that's left. It feels like nothing can turn you back at this point. Still, making friends with the dark will help you understand it. How it dwells inside you, feeds on your fear and insecurity. But it does not have to control you."

Glass Ocean are one of the band's featured on the free Wild Thing Records sampler with the new issue of Prog Magazine, along with fellow Australian prog acts AlithiA, Ebonivory, Circles and James Norbert Ivanyi. You can buy the new issue online here.

Pre-order The Remnants Of Losing Yourself In Someone Else.