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The Loose Lips - Get Loose album review

The best Sleaze you can get this month

Cover art for The Loose Lips - Get Loose album

Long Island’s Loose Lips sound like they got up one morning and threw every record they owned in the garbage can except for LAMF, Beggars Banquet and Search And Destroy. I’ve done that myself, so I know where they’re coming from. Skinny, slinky downtown punk n’ roll played by dudes who will probably be dead in six months.

Came from the sky like a 747. Classic Rock’s least-reputable byline-grabber since 2003. Several decades deep into the music industry. Got fired from an early incarnation of Anal C**t after one show. 30 years later, got fired from the New York Times after one week. Likes rock and hates everything else. Still believes in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, against all better judgment.