Watch the trippy video for Blaak Heat's new single, Sword Of Hakim

Blaak Heat have shot a video for their song, Sword Of Hakim – and you can watch it exclusively on TeamRock.

The track is taken from the French-American psychedelic prog trio’s forthcoming album, Shifting Mirrors, which will be released on April 15 through Tee Pee Records. A worldwide release will follow on May 13.

Says frontman Thomas Bellier of the new material: “We took our favourite Middle Eastern sounds, and reinterpreted them through the prism of our cultural baggage – weird European psychedelia, a healthy dose of vintage hard rock and experimental jazz. With producer Matt Hyde, we were able to mix loud fuzz guitar tones along with traditional acoustic instruments, such as the oud and the kanun.

“For the Sword Of Hakim video, we attempted to channel our heroes: Jodorowsky, Argento and Kurosawa,” he continues. “At sunset, we lit a bonfire on the beach and set the vibe with trippy Turkish music. Before we knew it, we had completely disconnected ourselves from the big city and magically became the very cult that we were portraying.”

Watch the video below.

For more information on Blaak Heat, visit their Facebook page.