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Thumpermonkey premiere video for Woadscrivened


Thumpermonkey have premiered their new video for Woadscrivened exclusively with Prog.

The song features on Michael Woodman, Rael Jones, Ben Wren and Sam Warren’s Electricity EP, which launched in October via Rockosmos.

Guitarist and vocalist Woodman tells Prog: “Ben wrote the music for this one; I had the opportunity to react to it as a complete piece – rather than writing lyrics and vocal melodies while the music was still being drafted.

“Something in the music made me start to reflect on how somebody’s life experience, culture, and upbringing largely defines what their attitude to mortality is. That’s pretty much what informed the lyrics – the idea of trying to reflect on mortality from totally alien perspective.

“I then brought these ideas in visually when I started animating the video. I was interested in allowing dream logic to collide with the new technical ideas I was experimenting with as an animator -– and this is the end result.”

Thumpermonkey have also announced that they’ll play a set at the 8 Years Of Chaos festival at the Brewhouse, Hackney, UK, on February 3.

Tickets for the two-stage all day event are available from the festival’s website.

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