Thumpermonkey release video for new track Tzizimime

(Image: © Ashley Jones)

Thumpermonkey have released a video for their new track Tzizimime exclusively with Prog.

The song will feature on Michael Woodman, Rael Jones, Ben Wren and Sam Warren’s upcoming EP Electricity. The four-track is set to arrive on October 13 via Rockosmos.

Guitarist and vocalist Woodman tells Prog: “The Tzizimime are those skeletal female figures that you see in Aztec mythology. In an allegory, Mayheul turns into a tree and they eat him up and invent drunkenness – and its all downhill from there.”

He adds: “If you never heard us before, this is a good track to get into Thumpermonkey – there’s riffs galore and lyrics on subjects that have long since passed into obscurity, but which remain forever relevant.

“The video was shot by our friend Ashley Jones. He used a couple of spotlights.”

Thumpermonkey hope to release their next album in 2018, with further details to be revealed in due course.

Thumpermonkey Electricity tracklist

  1. Garmonbozia
  2. Tzizimime
  3. This Is Not A Fire
  4. Woadscrivened