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The best Amazon Prime Day 2019 turntable deals: what to expect

Amazon Prime Day 2019 turntable deals
(Image credit: Getty/Ivan Neru)

Whether you're a vinyl veteran or you've just kickstarted your new wax obsession, getting set up with the right equipment to spin your records is essential. It can be a pricey business, which is why Amazon Prime Day could be a great opportunity to bag a bargain. 

Amazon will have massive deals on some of the best turntables you can buy, from budget to bank busting, and we'll be hunting down the best bargains throughout the 15 and 16 July event and posting them here.

To take part in Prime Day, you will need to get yourself an Amazon Prime account. It costs £7.99 a month but right now you can try Amazon Prime for one week for only £0.99. Get signed up and you can take advantage of all the deals and discounts.

The best Amazon turntable deals live right now

Sony PSHX500.CEK Turntable £400 278.49 

Everything about this turntable screams class, from the sturdy tonearm for accurate tracking, to the ability to record your vinyl as high-res audio. It supports phono and line output, too.View Deal

Lenco L-3808 Direct Drive USB Turntable £229.99 £179.99

The DJ favourite L-3808 features a direct drive for faster start up, while the integrated stereo amplifier means the only other thing you'll need is speakers. It's available right now at £50 off.View Deal