Nick D'Virgilio releases lyric video for new song Where's The Passion

Nick D'Virgilio
(Image credit: Red Sand PR)

Big Big Train drummer Nick D'Virgilio has announced that he will release a new solo album, Invisible, through English Electric on June 26. He has released a lyric video for the song Where's The Passion which you can watch in full below.

Invisible features a raft of guest appearances including King Crimson bassist Tony Levin, Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess, Frost*s Jem Godfrey, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen, Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert and Flower Kings/Steve Hackett bassist Jonas Reingold.

The drummer describes Invisible as "a collection of songs that make up the story of a man who is unhappy with where his life has ended up. He finally decides to take the scary step of leaving everything behind so he can go and find the meaning of his life.

“Throughout my career I have been in many different places. Over time the word ‘invisible’ kept coming to mind and it got me thinking of people that truly have the hardest jobs in the world, or no job at all. The outliers. The ones we all take for granted. The ones we will never know but if they were not there then our lives would not be the nearly the same. Over time I amassed lyric and song ideas with the idea of writing a concept record on the subject.”

Keen to establish that “this is not your typical drummer record,” NDV states that "‘Invisible’ is a rock album with various musical flavours thrown in because the songs were formed with the story in mind. A classical prelude that uses various themes from the whole piece sets the stage. From there comes a mellow ballad outlining the story and then it is on to the adventures of the central character. The main thing making this record did for me was to reaffirm my strong belief that we are all here for something. We all have a purpose.”

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Jerry Ewing

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