Michael Romeo prepares to Divide & Conquer with new solo single – watch the video here!

Michael Romeo from Symphony X press shot with guitar 2022
(Image credit: Danny Sanchez)

Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo has shared the video for the first track from his upcoming solo album. Divide & Conquer is taken from War of the Worlds, Part 2 – out on InsideOut on March 25. The album includes guest vocals by Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitesnake live member Dino Jelusick

Says Romeo, "I'm really excited to finally release the new solo album. After many delays, lockdowns, new variants, etc... It looks like things are getting back on track. I'm hoping this new music will put some smiles on some faces in these uncertain times. My best wishes to everyone for 2022!"

The video for Divide & Conquer has been directed by Wayne Joyner, who's also made clips for Teramaze and Dream Theater's John Petrucci. He says, "Working on videos for Michael Romeo is such an amazing privilege and pleasure. I still feel like that 16-year-old kid jamming out to his shredding. Now I get work with a hero. How cool is that!! Total honour in every sense of the word!“  

War of the WorldsPt1 came out in 2018 and its follow-up – now available to pre-order – sees the return of drummer John Macaluso and bassist John “JD” DeServio.

Summing up the album, Romeo says, “It takes the first record deeper into the journey. It’s HG Wells with modern-day sci-fi, and there’s a lot of super-heavy cinematic music and, obviously, lots of guitars. Put it on and forget where you are. Let’s go somewhere else. The real world will still be here.” 

Check out the video below.


 1.Introduction - Part II (2:37) 
2.Divide & Conquer (4:46) 
3.Destroyer (5:34) 
4.Metamorphosis (5:53) 
5.Mothership (2:23) 
6.Just Before the Dawn (5:01) 
7.Hybrids (6:14) 
8.Hunted (4:32) 
9.Maschinenmensch (9:03) 
10.Parasite (4:33) 
11.Brave New World (Outro) (3:36)  

Bonus Tracks: 
12.The Perfect Weapon (7:41) 
13.Alien DeathRay (4:31) 

Michael Romeo War Of The Worlds, Pt 2 album cover

(Image credit: Press)