Leprous release video for 'fan experiment' single Nighttime Disguise

(Image credit: Elena Sihida)

Norwegian proggers Leprous have released a video for their brand new single Nighttime Disguise, which you can wacth in full below.

The new single is taken from the band's brand new studio album Aphelion which has just been released through InsideOut Music.

“Finally, we are happy to see Aphelion be released all over the world and share its full content with all of you," the band say. "It’s an album with lots of interesting, unique stories behind the making and production of each song, being recorded in three different studios, over a longer time than usually…” 

The music video for Nighttime Disguise is based on footage filmed and produced by the company Munin Live as part of the livestream project “Let's write a song together”, which took place on January 2021 and for which the band was under the sights of video cameras 24/7 at the studio Ocean Sound Recordings to write this composition based on the vote of their fans.

Nighttime Disguise started as an experiment, where we let the fans join us virtually in the studio, and being able to vote for different parameters to write a song: Time signature(s), key(s), what kind of instruments, vocal style(s) and range, lyrical content etc," the band explain. "Our original plan was to have the result as a bonus track, but we ended up so happy with it that we couldn’t let it pass. Sometimes certain limitations force you to think differently and push you to new and more creative directions! This video shows a lot from the week of the songwriting, arrangement and production of Nighttime Disguise”.

Aphelion’s 180g 2LP vinyl version, which comes in gatefold packaging and with the entire album on CD as bonus, is available in the following variants and limited editions:  Black 2LP+CD (unlimited), Ultra Clear 2LP+CD (500 copies via IOM Webshop & CM Distro), Bright Gold 2LP+CD (200 copies via JPC), Transparent Light Blue 2LP+CD (200 copies via EMP), Creamy White 2LP+CD (400 copies via O-Merch) and Deep Blood Red 2LP+CD (200 copies via Band).

Get Aphelion.

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