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Kevin Godley releases new video for Expecting A Message

A still from Kevin Godley's PledgeMusic video
(Image credit: Kevin Godley)

Former 10cc and Godley & Creme mainstay Kevin Godley has released a new video for Expecting A Message. It's taken from his upcoming solo album, Godley's very first, Muscle Memory, which will be released through The state51 Conspiracy label in December. You can watch the video in full below.

“This is as DIY as it gets," Godley explains. "No film crew, no editor, no budget. The plan was to make a film, stream of consciousness style, doing everything myself, like I’m recording music. Improvise, throw stuff in and make sense of it later and I did…all except the last bit. I guess it’s a performance film of sorts, all shot within a hundred yard radius of home and, at the risk of this sounding like a commercial, it would’ve been impossible without my iPhone X, Adobe Premier Pro and Wondershare Filmora editing software and two supremely cool apps, GlitchCam and EFEKT. Not sure if it’s the message I was expecting though.” 

Muscle Memory, began life as a Pledge Music project, with Godley posted an invitation on the PledgeMusic site stating: ‘Write and record with me.’. Godley received 286 instrumentals, choosing to conceal the names of submitters so as not to focus on high profile artists. Of these 11 were chosen for the final tracklisting. Following the subsequent collapse of Pledge, The state51 Conspiracy label stepped in.

Now every track will be released as an album in December, but prior to that every track will be released as a weekly single in the run-up to the album's release.

Jerry Ewing

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