Kavus Torabi shares video for new single, the epic, trippy Heart The Same

Kavus Torabi
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The Utopia StrongGong and Knifeworld frontman Kavus Torabi has shared a video for his brand new single, the epic, trippy Heart The Same, which you can watch below.

The new single is taken from The Banishing, Torabi's upcoming solo album The Banishing which will be released through his Believer's Roast label on May 3.

The roots of Heart The Same stretch back to the 90s, as Torabi explains: "It’s something I’d always play but had yet to find an adequate home for, meanwhile the two chords that form the bridge are something I used to play when I first picked up the guitar as a boy in the early 80’s. Heart The Same seems to tie together many aspects of what I’ve been trying to do with music over the years. I love how propulsive the song is."

As well as the build up to the release of intensely personal The Banishing Torabi has also been busy working on his set for this year's Roadburn festival, where he will be Artist In Residence.

"Roadburn has always been at the top of my favourite festivals," Torabi continues. "The love, care and originality of the programming has meant the quality of the music has never slipped. Every year I have performed, the bill has been thrilling; an opportunity to watch some of my favourite artists in one place, get turned on by new ones and catch up with friends from around the world. Walter’s love of music and commitment to innovation is infectious. Being asked to compose something specifically for the festival is an honour. I’m looking forward to bringing something specifically tailored to Roadburn and working with some of my favourite musicians from my main projects in one band."

Torabi has previously released a video for Snake Humanis.

Pre-order The Banishing.

Kavus Torabi

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