GWAR release Fuck This Place video


GWAR have released a video for their track Fuck This Place from latest album The Blood Of Gods – watch it above.

It’s their first release without late frontman Oderus Urungus, real name Dave Brockie,who passed away in 2014, aged 50. He’s been replaced by The Beserker Blothar, who describes himself as “lead howler.”

GWAR say: “The Blood Of Gods is nothing less than a sacred text chronicling the rise of humanity against their makers, and the massive battle between GWAR and the forces of all that is uptight and wrong with the world.

“Along the way, the band challenges the sins of their great mistake, from politics, pollution, and organised religion, to fast food and factory farming.

“Humans are shown as what they are – a parasitical disease that must be eradicated before they suck the planet dry.”

They add: “The title of the album refers to the loss of Oderus and the struggles and triumphs that produced the new sound of the band. Born of adversity, The Blood Of Gods is a sonic scar, a question asked and answered.

“Death cannot kill GWAR. Nothing can. GWAR lives, motherfuckers!”

The Blood Of Gods is released on October 20 via Metal Blade Records. Full tracklist and artwork below.

GWAR: The Blood Of Gods tracklist

  1. War on GWAR
  2. Viking Death Machine
  3. El Presidente
  4. I’ll Be Your Monster
  5. Auroch
  6. Swarm
  7. The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo
  8. Death to Dickie Duncan
  9. Crushed by the Cross
  10. F–k This Place
  11. Phantom Limb
  12. If You Want Blood (You Got It)