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Watch GWAR bassist murder Silverstein bassist

GWAR and Silverstein at Warped Tour

GWAR aren’t averse to a little bit of bloodshed – they’re the Scumdogs Of The Universe after all! You don’t get to conquer a few planets without slicing open a few necks, and that’s precisely what bassist Beefcake The Mighty did at the Vans Warped Tour this past weekend.

On the 7 July date of the punk/metal enormotour, GWAR’s bassist took it upon himself to straight-up murder Billy Hamilton from Silverstein mid-set. Reasons are unclear as to why, but Beefcake did end up joining Silverstein to play Ghost. Maybe this was his childhood dream? To play Silverstein’s latest single in front of Camden, New Jersey.

And just to make sure that poor Bill was definitely deceased, Beefcake’s underwear-sporting goons continue to beat and hack away at him in the background while his band continue to play, unfazed by the atrocity happening at the side of the stage.

You can watch it below.

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