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Glass Hammer premiere video for new track Melancholy Holiday

Glass Hammer have released a video for their new single Melancholy Holiday.

It’s been taken from the band’s upcoming album Chronomonaut, which is set to arrive on October 12.

The concept album tells the story of prog fan, Tom, who first made an appearance on Glass Hammer’s tongue-in-cheek concept album Chronometree.

Speaking about Tom, bassist and songwriter Steve Babb says: “He has reached middle-age and wants to time travel back to the early 70s to relive the glory days of progressive rock. 

“In the Melancholy Holiday video, we find Tom late for a meeting with his girlfriend. Tom is convinced he’s travelled back in time to find her. She informs him otherwise and things just get weirder.”

Vocalist Susie Bogdanowicz sings on the new track, while Discipline frontman Matthew Parmenter also provides some lead vocals on the album.

Chronomonaut is now available for pre-order from the band’s official website, where autographed copies are also available.

Glass Hammer - Chronomonaut
1. The Land Of Lost Content
2. Roll For Initiative
3. Twilight Of The Godz
4. The Past Is Past
5. 1980 Something
6. A Hole In The Sky
7. Clockwork
8. Melancholy Holiday
9. It Always Burns Sideways
10. Blinding Light
11. Tangerine Meme
12. Fade Away