Fern release video for their very first single Hyperreal

The Ocean drummer Paul Seidel as Fern against a red filter
(Image credit: Press)

Fern, the new side-project from The Ocean drummer Paul Seidel, have released a video for their very first single, Hyperreal, which you can watch below.

Prog announced earlier this month that Fern would release their debut album Intersubjective, through Pelagic on September 30. The new album explores the drummer's interest in haunting synths, ambient soundscapes and melodic vocals. Hyperreal has been described as "A wide-eyed anthem to anxiety that channels the experimental pop legends like Björk and Nine Inch Nails".

"Hyperreality is everywhere," comments Seidel. "It is part of every story you've ever heard, every book you've ever read, every website you've ever visited. And as it continues to expand into the digital spheres, as we further detach from the blank canvas that is reality we find ourselves questioning our own existence ever so often. What does reality even look like? Can you tell a difference?"

Talking about Intersubjective, Seidel adds: “These songs are an invitation to explore human identity in this rapidly digitised world we live in. It’s necessary sometimes to be still and gain experience of your self in order to make more meaningful experiences of, and with others. Like in meditation, it’s a process of letting go off constant thought and impression in order to learn about your inner workings.” 

Jerry Ewing

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