Bargain alert: There's up to $900 off this D'Angelica Deluxe Series guitar

(Image credit: D'Angelico)

As Cyber Monday draws to a close, you'd be forgiven for thinking the deals are all done and dusted. However, you'd be mistaken. 

Making the most of the tail-end of the Cyber Weekend, D'Angelico have cut prices on a range of their semi-hollow electric guitars. While many of them have already sold out, a few still have great deals on them if you can track them down – including the D'Angelico Deluxe Series EXL-1, which usually retails for $1700 but is currently on sale for as low as $550.

Our colleagues at MusicRadar (opens in new tab) call the guitar "a very competent old-school jazz box that evokes a bygone age and the memory of the great John D'Angelico."

There's more info on the deal below. Check the list below for other offers on the site right now.

D'Angelico Deluxe Series EXL-1

Image (opens in new tab)

Our colleagues over at MusicRadar gave this guitar a 4.5/5 star rating, commenting: "Based on the original Excel cutaway, the EXL-1 is a big-bodied beauty, a 432mm (17.5-inch) wide archtop with a side depth of 79.5mm. The neck feels pleasantly old-school with a subtly asymmetric-feeling D profile; the EX-SS's neck has a similar character. Depth-wise, it moves from 22mm at the 1st fret out to 25mm by the 9th. 

"As an acoustic archtop, the EXL-1 doesn't exactly kick out a huge volume level, but it's immediately characterful with an almost clipped and very direct tonality and short-ish yet sufficient sustain.

"The EXL-1 recalls a real bygone age when the jazz guitarist ruled the roost, and if that's where you set your sights, it's one of the best of its type we've encountered at this price."

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