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Here are some Black Friday craft beer deals to get you thirsty - from Beer Hawk, Brewdog and more

A selection of craft beers
(Image credit: Beer Hawk)

Bottoms up, friends – Black Friday is here and as the world clamours to offer you the very best deals on everything from wireless headphones to jigsaw puzzles, our eyes are trained firmly on the world of booze.

We've already covered the best Black Friday alcohol deals 2021 elsewhere, but if it's craft beer that's more your bag, we've gathered a selection of our favourite deals below. All the breweries mentioned are having pretty great sales, though, so we've popped the links to their full Black Friday sales below.

We've also got a round up of the best Black Friday music deals if you're looking for more of a music-related browse. Chin chin!

BrewDog | Pop open cold one from a huge range of craft beers (opens in new tab)
Beer Hawk | 
Beer, beers and even more beers! (opens in new tab)
HonestBrew |  
Beers, mixed cases, gifts and more (opens in new tab)
Flavourly |  
Craft beer delivered to your door (opens in new tab)
Drinkwell |  
Low-carb ales, cider and beer (opens in new tab)
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Craft lager & IPA mega-pack: Was £35, now £26 (opens in new tab)
This bumper pack of 24 beers includes beers from the Camden Town, Freedom and Goose Island breweries, and given the discount, each tin works out at just £1.08 each. Beer Hawk's full rage of Black Friday offers (opens in new tab) are well worth checking out.

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BrewDog headliners: Was £54.95, now £44.95 (opens in new tab)
BrewDog's best Black Friday deal offers you 48 tins of beer for just shy of £45, meaning that they come in at a measly 94p a can. This multipack offers a selection of the brewery's most popular beers.

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Philips PerfectDraft machine: Was £249, now £199 (opens in new tab)
So this is pretty much the coolest thing ever: a machine that allows you to pour yourself a perfect keg pint in the comfort of your own home. This deal includes two glasses, but you can also get bundles which include Tiny Rebel (opens in new tab) and Goose Island (opens in new tab) kegs, among others.

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Flavourly bundle of 34 Craft Beers: £39.95 (opens in new tab)
Not only do you get an array of fine craft beers for the princely sum of £1.18 a pop, but this bundle also comes with £25 worth of added extras, including a craft beer magazine, two tasting glasses, a tasty snack and a craft beer textbook.

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BrewDog 2021 Advent Calendar (UK): £39.95 (opens in new tab)
Put the carbonation into Christmas with BrewDog's annual UK advent calendar release. Inside, you'll find 14 new 2021 beers, six new brews for this festive season and four online exclusives. Buy direct from BrewDog.