Waters makes Wall of limited box sets


Roger Waters has revealed plans to create a wall out of his limited-edition super-deluxe The Wall box sets, so that a mural can be painted on them.

The 3000 packs – which cost $500 each – are to be piled up in a warehouse in Los Angeles so that Brazilian art collective and Banksy collaborators Osgemeos can customise one side of each.

The sets, which will also be signed by Waters, will then be separated for delivery.

The former Pink Floyd leader’s spokesperson says: “It took a bit to figure out these details – we can now explain what ‘hand-applied graphics’ means.

“Each box will be a unique piece of original art that will be a section of the finished mural.

“We’re thrilled that Osgemeos will be part of the project. They’ve teamed up with Roger in the past to work on customising his flying pigs. While the work they did has been outstanding, their body of work above and beyond is amazing.”

The box sets, based on the Roger Waters The Wall movie, include three Blu-ray discs, four vinyl discs, two CDs, a 170-page hardcover book and four art prints. Those who order will receive a souvenir folio in time for Christmas ahead of the pack’s delivery once the artwork is complete.

Waters is currently working on a solo album, which he’s described as “scary” and “challenging.”

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