Waters reveals The Wall super deluxe set


Roger Waters has revealed details of the super deluxe edition of his The Wall movie.

The $500 title comes in a folded case that extends more than five feet in length when opened up.

And because it won’t be delivered in time for Christmas, each confirmed customer will next month receive a “save the date” folio with two art prints.

The triple-gatefold package is printed with hand-applied graphics, meaning that each box is unique. Inside are three DVDs, two CDs and four 12-inch vinyl discs, plus a 170-page hardcover book.

Along with the film itself comes an interview with Waters and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, a documentary, various tour films and footage of Waters’ reunion with David Gilmour and Mason at his London show in 2011.

He recently said: “I’m glad we have an opportunity to share the film with people on a wider scale. It has had a deep effect on my life – and I’m not the only one. This release provides an opportunity to remember all of our fallen loved ones.”

Roger Waters The Wall Super Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order now. Other versions are released on November 16.