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Watch Creeper’s video for emotionally-charged new single All My Friends

Creeper (Image credit: Roadrunner Records)

Creeper have released a video for their new single All My Friends.

The track will feature on the UK outfit’s upcoming album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void which will launch on July 31 through Roadrunner Records.

Creeper report they never originally intended to release All My Friends as a single but have decided to share it now during Mental Health Awareness Week, “a time when many people are struggling with mental health issues or being separated from friends and family.”

The ballad was written by Creeper frontman Will Gould, who says: “All My Friends was born from the void during our darkest of times. The song was written late one night in Hollywood. I was left alone in the studio and found myself at the piano. 

“It was such an honest expression that it almost felt too personal to release. Originally this song was not intended to have its own release, though in these unprecedented times and during Mental Health Awareness Week, it was our wish that it reach you now.”

Creeper previously release the tracks Born Cold, Annabelle and Cyanide from Sex, Death & The Infinite Void – the follow-up to 2017’s Eternity, In Your Arms. 

If you’d like someone to talk to about your mental health, or are looking for advice for someone else, you call the MIND Infoline on 0300 123 3393 or visit the MIND website.

Creeper: Sex, Death & The Infinite Void
1. Hallelujah!
2. Be My End
3. Born Cold
4. Cyanide
5. Celestial Violence
6. Annabelle
7. Paradise
8. Poisoned Heart
9. Thorns Of Love
10. Four Years Ago
11. Holy War
12. Napalm Girls
13. The Crown Of Life
14. Black Moon
15. All My Friends (Hidden track)

Creeper: Sex, Death & The Infinite Void
Creeper return with their second studio album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void. The follow-up to their 2017 debut Eternity, In Your Arms features the singles Born Cold, Annabelle, Cyanide and All My Friends.View Deal