US prog metallers Marzy Maddox release lyric video for Brand New Day

Marzy Maddox
(Image credit: Lily Claire)

Conceptual prog-metal trio Marzy Maddox have released a new lyric video for Brand New Day, which you can watch below.

It's taken from the band's upcoming EP Copper Oaks  which will be released on July 23.

"Brand New Day is the story of two people in a broken relationship who view the other person as the cause of their pain," says vocalist/guitarist Phoenix Johnson. "Neither person is able to recognise their own faults and take responsibility for their words and actions leading to the ending of the relationship. The positive light is realising that sometimes regardless of blame, it can be the best thing for both people to let go and move forward whether it's a romantic or platonic relationship."

Brand New Day continues the narrative of Marzy Maddox, a character the band created to be the vehicle for their storytelling. The track is an examination of toxic relationships and how hard it can be to do the best thing for ourselves and just move on.

"One of the exciting things I've chosen to do with the character of Marzy Maddox is using them as a fictional version of myself and the different facets of my personality," says Johnson.

Prior to the upcoming Copper Oaks EP, each release was its own story set in an isolated universe from the other albums. Influenced by media like Final Fantasy and American Horror Story, which has reoccurring individuals playing different characters, Marzy is a central figure in every story the band tells, but has been a "different" character in each of these sagas.

"My favourite thing about writing concept albums is trying to make sure that lyrically and emotionally I can still connect to people who might not be interested in the stories," says Johnson. "Being able to have someone listen to the song and find their own experiences in it is what we always aim to do first with our music. The stories are more for me to use as a way to express how I feel and the events that have happened to me but in a hyperbolic and more fantastical fashion. If people are interested in the stories then that's a bonus!"

Jerry Ewing

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