The Dagger debut album set to launch


Swedish metal outfit The Dagger have revealed details of their debut album.

The band, featuring ex members of Dismember, Grave and Sideburn, will release their 10-track, self-titled debut album on Monday, June 30.

Formerly known as Dagger, the band changed their name to The Dagger to avoid any name disputes with other acts.

Former Sideburn singer Jani Kataja is joined in the line-up by drummer Fred Estby, guitarist David Blomqvist and bass player Tobias Cristiansson – all formerly of Dismember. Estby also plays with Necronaut while Cristiansson is also in Grave.

The album tracklist is as follows.

01: Ahead Of You All

02: Call Of 9

03: Ballad Of An Old Man

04: Skygazer

05: Electric Dawn

06: 1978

07: Dogs Of Warning

08: Nocturnal Triumph

09: Inside The Monolithic Dome

10: Dark Cloud