Swedish prog rockers Orkan release video for Urskog

Orkan (Swe)
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Swedish melodic prog quintet Orkan (not to be confused with the Norwegian black metal artist) have released a video for their brand new single Urskog, which you can watch in full below. It's taken from the band's upcoming album Livsgaranti which will be released through Gamlestans Grammofonbolag on May 13.

“The journey towards the album Livsgaranti began in 2017," the band explain. "Several of the songs on the album were premiered at the release party for the same year's self-titled debut album. The process of releasing a record always takes longer than one might imagine. By the time it's all done, you’ve already written material for another album. In all honesty the journey actually started earlier than 2017, as ten years already have passed since the song that gave the album its name first came into being.

"At that time, we were still living in our childhood town of Borås. Well, none of us are really from Borås originally but it was the city closest to the middle-of-nowheres/paradises we grew up in. A few years later we packed our bags and headed to the city out west, Gothenburg. One day, the song Livsgaranti was spontaneously unpacked, and we transformed it into what it is today. An additional bunch of songs were welcomed into the world; songs that we love and have chosen with care. A new record emerged.”

Orskan are Theresia Dufva (bass, backin gvocals), Kim Bertilsson (saxophone, backing vocals), Josefine Green (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Moa-Linn Rosenlöf (drums, percussion, vocals) and Fredrik Pettersson (guitar, backing vocals).

Livsgaranti was recorded atNacksving Studios in 2019. The album was ready for release in autumn 2020 and a release party was planned, but like much else in this anticlimactic year, the release was put on hold.

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