Sheer Cerebral Power introduce themselves with video for Blow

Sheer Cerebral Power
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German progressive rock quartet Sheer Cerebral Power introduce themselves with their very first video for Power Blow, which you can watch below.

The song is taken from the Munich-based quartet's upcoming debut album Sucker Punch'd, which will be released through Enja Records on October 28. The new album is thematically inspired by Muhammad Ali and his 1974 Rumble In The Jungle fight with George Foreman in Zaire.

"Written in 11/8 time, this tune was inspired by watching sparring during box training," the band explain. "The musical inspiration is from Igor Stravinsky, Sacre du Printemps: The Augurs of Spring: Dances of the Young Girls. That is also why we used Ayssa Lopez_Martinez and Anna Gnizdiukh two highly ambitious female boxers from the Boxing Association of Munich to fight to the soundtrack. An uptempo number with an unusual double time chorus section which gets subdivided into a groovy reggae groove a la Stewart Copeland. A song about hope and action."

Currently going under the pseudonyms Crash (drums), Hozz (bass), Jay Jay (vocals) and Azzbad (guitar), band members hail from as far as Detroit, USA and Karachi, Pakistan and cite influences such as King Crimson, Genesis of the early 70s, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Rush, Tool as Zappa

Pre-orders for Sucker Punch'd will open shortly. You can view the new album artwork and tracklisting below.

Sheer Cerebral Power

(Image credit: Press)

Sheer Cerebral Power: Sucker Punch'd
1. Sucker Punch’d Op. 1 Eb
2. Skip
3. S.L.A.B (Sting like a Butterfly)
4. Jab
5. Hero
6. Boma Yè
7. Blow

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