Shattered Skies release new video for Shut In

Shattered Skies

Irish prog metallers Shattered Skies have released a new video for the song Shut In. You can watch it below. It's taken from the band's forthcoming second album Muted Neon, which will be released on November 16, and deals with struggles with anxiety.

"Shut In is very much about my struggles with anxiety, and feeling insecure, purposeless and stuck at times," guitarist Ian Rocket told Prog. "It deals with the feelings you get from over-consuming social media, and how that can often make you feel envious, or underachieving.

"At times I feel overwhelmed and paralysed about which direction to take in my life, and it can all pile on up on you and make you feel like just staying at home, or staying in bed, and not trying to pursue anything or take any risks. This song is about processing those feelings, and learning to be aware of them, and ultimately doing your best to overcome them, because life is worth trying to get the most out of it."

Vocalist Gerry Brown offers the following thoughts on the positive outcomes that inspired the album’s content... born of the whole band's brushes with hardship:

“There’s a myth that artists need to suffer or be depressed to put out their best work, but it’s not quite right. The truth is we had to come out the other side of that struggle to create this. We’ve been through depression, anxiety, stress - we’ve moved countries, watched family have to rebuild their lives. We’ve watched the world go mad and celebrate it on 24/7 news channels. This album isn’t just about that struggle - it’s about the triumph over it."

Muted Neon can be preordered via Shattered Skies' bandcamp page.

Jerry Ewing

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