Shadow Universe share cinematic video for Don't Look At It And You'll See It

Shadow Universe in a forest
(Image credit: Jan Pirnat)

Slovenian instrumental project Shadow Universe have unveiled the breathtaking new video for Don't Look At It And You'll See It. The track, which blends cinematic soundscapes with post-rock and neoclassical/ambient elements, is taken from their third album Subtle Realms, Subtle Worlds, out on March 11 via Monotreme Records. 

The project was formed in 2017 by Peter Dimnik and Žan Šebrek with the aim of merging contrasting textures of shimmering ambient soundscapes and heavy anxious darkness to portray the diversity of nature and life on Earth and beyond. 

Their latest track finds the duo collaborating with Ana Novak, who they describe as, "an amazing violin player and songwriter, whose playing took the song to the next level. The songs itself was inspired by the principle of Wu-Wei which encourages not forcing something, but rather letting the universe do its magic."

Subtle Realms, Subtle Worlds finds them turning their songs into living, breathing ecosystems, carefully dissecting every moment of peace and chaos alike. The album sees the building particles of the universe as separate worlds, with their own story, perception, rules and individual inner realm.

A video of a live concert by Shadow Universe performing their new album will premiere on 9 March 2022 on WherePostRockDwells 5PM GMT or two days. 

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