Salva release new video for Feeding The Flame

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Swedish heavy progressive rockers Salva have released a new video for Feeding The Flame. It's taken from the band's latest album, A Thousand Ways To Disappear, which has been released through White Knight Records. You can watch the video in full below.

"We have really been enjoying a creative peak the last few years, resulting in a much higher productivity than before," the band say. "Hopefully it will continue. If you compare the first Salva album to the new one it's hard to tell it's the same band. We still love many of the old songs but musically and sonically, we've come a really long way.

"Is Salva prog? People can call it what they want. We have absolutely no problem with the prog-tag but we are not necessarily trying to re-invent the wheel with every note. We like to try and combine things that we maybe haven't tried before. One prog review even said we were too eclectic. Go figure... We don't want to be mainstream but we don't want to alienate people either. Somewhere in between would be perfect. Somewhat adventurous music with mass appeal.”

The band were formed in 2003 and have five previous albums under their belts. This is their sixth full length offering which blends prog, hard rock/metal, folk and AOR. 

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