Rolo Tomassi detail album No.4


Rolo Tomassi will release their fourth album, Grievances, in June.

They revealed details of the follow-up to 2012’s Astraea on the 10th anniversary of their formation.

Vocalist Eva Spence says: “I feel more enthused than ever with where we’re at. With Grievances we followed on from the sound we developed on Astraea, and pushed that to make an album I consider to be our best to date.”

James Spence adds: “We wanted to do something ambitious. We took our time making sure the material was right. We tried new ways of writing, including collaborating with other musicians for the first time.”

The 11-track title will be launched on June 1 via Holy Roar Records. More details will be confirmed in due course.


  1. Estranged

  2. Raumdeuter

  3. The Embers

  4. Prelude III (Phantoms)

  5. Opalescent

  6. Unseen And Unknown

  7. Stage Knives

  8. Crystal Cascades

  9. Chandelier Shiver

  10. Funereal

  11. All That Has Gone Before