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Rodrigo San Martin releases video for Ourobvoros

Rodrigo San Martin
(Image credit: Rodrigo San Martin)

Argentine prog multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo San Martin had released a video for Ouroboros. It's taken from his sixth album, Arcana (Act 1) which is released on November 14. You can watch the video for the 20-plus minute long track below.

Arcana (Act 1) will be the very first progressive rock album to feature 8D audio, a new production technique that provides Surround sound for headphones. San Martin's 2010 debut album "1" was the very first Latin American album to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

"From the very beginning, the album was created around the 8D Audio concept," San Martin explains. "This new mixing technique allows the music to have a Surround effect designed for headphones. Unlike Stereo, where there are only two audio channels (left and right), in 8D Audio the sound comes not only from the sides, but also from the front and back, and up and down, providing a complete 360° audio experience."

San Martin, who has also featured in Vanished From The Earth and Soiuls Unite, and is currently a member of Astral Platypus, is considered one of the main figures Argentina’s progressive rock’s revival, since he is the founding member and leader of La Resistencia Progresiva Argentina: a group of progressive bands, with whom he works with in different projects to promote the genre. One of these initiatives is the Baires Prog Fest, a music festival in Buenos Aires, which has already had fifteen editions.

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