Ringo Starr's worldwide fanbase create "peace and love" video in celebration of his 81st birthday

Ringo Starr
(Image credit: Jeff Golden/Getty Images)

Beatles legend Ringo Starr has shared a video via his official YouTube page in honour of his 81st birthday on July 7.

Fans from across the globe have come together to wish the rocker a happy birthday using their very own tradition – by declaring Starr's trademark catchphrase "peace and love", whilst holding up two fingers in a 'peace' sign. 

Starting off the video, and kicking off the tradition for its thirteenth year, is the former Beatles drummer himself, surrounded by a group of friends and family in Beverly Hills. Among the crowd is wife Barbara Bach, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather. Following a countdown, all declare Starr's iconic mantra.

The compilation of well-wishers also includes birthday greetings from NASA via its official Twitter account and from the Curiosity Mars Rover’s Facebook page.

As the video draws to a close, we are even treated to an awkward outtake which shows filming interrupted by an ill-timed call on Starr's mobile. As his friends and family chuckle, Starrs replies "I'll call you back, I'm a little busy!". See, we told you it was wholesome.

Starr first put out the call for fans to send their messages of "peace and love" on June 28 with a video titled "Ringo Starr's Birthday Wish for July 7, 2021". Usually, this tradition is accompanied by in-person gatherings, which unfortunately could not happen this year due to the pandemic.

Sharing the video onto his social media, Starr writes: "Thanks for all the Peace & Love all around the world and in outer space in 2021". Watch it below:

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