Rammstein dress up as glamorous divas in new single Zick Zack teaser video

(Image credit: Press)

UPDATE: The Zick Zack video is now here!

For German industrial metal titans Rammstein, creating a music video is a whole art in itself. Across the years, they've released a myriad of visuals to accompany their much-loved sound, that have confused, startled and inspired.

Now, for their upcoming new single Zick Zack, scheduled to arrive today (April 7) at 17:00 BST, Till Lindemann and co. have teased its accompanying video, and as expected, it looks nothing short of spectacular. And, of course, very weird.

Instead of rocking their usual looks, be it lederhosen or bondage leather, Rammstein have undergone a complete makeover, and appear to have gone under the knife for some serious plastic surgery, and also, raided a beauty queen's closet. 

Obviously pulled off by an expert makeup and wardrobe team, the teaser video has arrived following last Friday's announcement, on April Fool's Day, that declared that Rammstein had invested in the "Zick Zack beauty clinic". 

The fake advert for the clinic declared, “‘Prettier, bigger, harder’ – become the best version of yourself! Appointments will be available soon!”

As their videos usually involve some sort of profound underlying message, perhaps they will be exploring societal pressures relating to unattainable beauty standards? Or maybe, they simply fancied getting dolled up, who knows? Either way, we're excited for later on today when the full video will be shared.

Rammstein's new album Zeit is due for release on April 29. Watch the teaser for Zick Zack below:

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