Neal Morse releases new video for Seemingly Sincere

Neal Morse
Neal Morse (Image credit: Jim Arbogast)

Neal Morse has released a new video for Seemingly Sincere – the second single from his upcoming album Sola Gratia which is available from InsideOut from September 11.

Morse released The Name Of The Lord last month.

Morse says: Seemingly Sincere is one of the last songs I wrote for Sola Gratia. Having a song about the stoning of Saint Stephen seemed appropriate and when I started writing it, I immediately felt the drama and intensity. 

"I wasn’t really expecting for it to have a really long instrumental section with keyboard and drum solos, but that actually turned into one of my favourite parts of the album."

The video was directed by Christian Rios of Ray Of Light Films, with Morse praising his contribution.

He says: "I think Christian Rios has done amazingly well on this video as it is so difficult to create good music videos remotely during COVID-19. I think he did a fabulous job and I hope you all enjoy it.”

The artist's latest concept album is based on the story of the apostle Paul and sees Morse working with long-time collaborators Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Gillette, Bill Hubauer and Gideon Klein.

Sola Gratia was recorded 'virtually’ in April this year, with Morse explaining: “It’s the first album we have ever made remotely. 

“I sent them the basic tracks and asked if they wanted to rearrange things, but they just said, ‘No, it’s great!’ so they just played to it and sent their parts back over. 

“It wasn’t an easy way to make an album, but creating always has its challenges, no matter how you do it.”

Sola Gratia will be released on CD, 2LP/CD, as a limited CD/DVD Digipak featuring a making-of documentary and on digital and streaming platforms. The cover art was created by Thomas Ewerhard. 

Neal Morse: Sola Gratia

Neal Morse: Sola Gratia
Neal Morse will release his new solo album Sola Gratia in September. It was recorded during lockdown with his long-time collaborators Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Gillette, Bill Hubauer and Gideon Klein

Neal Morse

(Image credit: InsideOut Music)

Neal Morse: Sola Gratia
1. Preface
2. Overture
3. In The Name Of The Lord
4. Ballyhoo (The Chosen Ones)
5. March Of The Pharisees
6. Building A Wall
7. Sola Intermezzo
8. Overflow
9. Warmer Than The Sunshine
10. Never Change
11. Seemingly Sincere
12. The Light On The Road To Damascus
13. The Glory Of The Lord
14. Now I Can See/The Great Commission