Moreland & Arbuckle in Take Me With You video

Moreland & Arbuckle

Moreland & Arbuckle have released a video for their track Take Me With You (When You Go).

It’s taken from their first album with Alligator Records, Promised Land Or Bust, which was launched last month.

Guitarist Aaron Moreland has described the work as “consciously traditional” but also says it features “the signature drive and power that we’ve crafted over the past 13 years.”

Promised Land Or Bust is on sale now. Moreland & Arbuckle tour the UK and Europe later this month.

Moreland & Arbuckle European tour

Jun 17: Winchester Discovery Centre, UK
Jun 18: Edinburgh Blues Club, UK
Jun 19: Saltburn Cons Club, UK
Jun 21: London Blues Kitchen, UK
Jun 22: Worthing Pier South Pavilion, UK
Jun 23: Arlington Arts Centre, UK
Jun 24: Overton Goin’ Up The Country Club, UK
Jun 25: Linton Festival, UK
Jun 26: Donegal Seas Sessions, Ireland, UK
Jun 27: Oxford Havens Club, UK
Jun 28: Sutton Boom Boom Club, UK
Jul 15: Festival International de Blues de Bejar, Spain
Jul 16: Festival Cultura Inquieta, Spain
Jul 19: Chorzow Sztygarka, Poland
Jul 25: Blue Balls Festival, Switzerland
Jul 28: Valencia 16 Toneladas Club, Spain
Jul 29: Festival de Enclave de Agua, Spain

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