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Mariana Semkina releases new single Turn Back Time

Marjana Semkina
(Image credit: Eggor Kree)

Iamthemorning singer Mariana Semkina has released a new single Turn Back Time. The track is taken from Semkina's forthcoming debut solo album Sleepwalking, which is released through Kscope Records on February 14. 

"This is one of the songs that pretty much wrote itself - one minute I’m starting to play something and I don’t know what will it lead to, the next I have a finished song on my hands," Semkina says. "I’m very happy with the contribution of all musicians on this one - what started as a simple acoustic guitar song ended up being a rather energetic and upbeat listen. 

"I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to work with Craig Blundell and Nick Beggs for quite some time and I’m really happy that they found time in their busy schedule to play for me."

As well as Blundell and Beggs, Sleepwalking also features appearances from Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess, The St. Petersburg Orchestra '1703' and frequent collaborator Vlad Avy.

In December, Semkina released the first single from the album, Everything Burns

Pre-order Sleepwalking.