Mandala go Within on video


Mandala – Rhys March’s first-ever band – have launched a lyric video for their track Within.

It’s taken from the reunited trio’s debut album Midnight Twilight, launched last month, but consisting of songs written between 1997 and 2005.

The record is described as an “exhilarating combination of Western and Eastern folk music, mixed with heavier forms of progressive rock, and smothered in an early-1970s production glow.”

Marsh is joined by bassist Francis Booth and drummer Will Spurling in the studio and on stage. They play London’s 93 Feet East on June 18. Midnight Twilight is on sale now.


  1. There’s A Wind That Blows

  2. The Dark Waltz

  3. Into The Night

  4. Midnight Twilight

  5. Sun

  6. I Have Fallen

  7. Dreaming

  8. Ghizou

  9. Within

  10. Fire Is Mine