Loop release first new music for six years with video for new single Halo

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UK space rock quartet Loop have announced they will release their first new album in 32 years with the release of Sonancy through Cooking Vinyl Records on March. At the same time the band have released a brand new video for single Halo which you can watch below.

“Through that long period when I often said I wouldn’t reform Loop, I didn’t miss it, I didn’t feel the need to have it in my life,” mainman Robert Hampson, who formed Loop in Croydon back in 1986, explains. “It was working with people like Barry Hogan at ATP and the re-mastered reissues of our original albums coming out that sparked my interest again. It took me a few years to be comfortable to say, ‘Yes, we can do this again, we’re relevant’. I’m not someone who will do something for the sake of doing something.”

Loop initially split in 1991 having released three albums - Heaven's End (1987), Fade Out (1989) and A Gilded Eternity (1990) - with Hampson briefly joining Godflesh before forming ambient outfit Main. The band reformed with a new line-up in 2013, with the initial idea of releasing a series of EPs, but after 2015's Array 1 release, dripped the idea in favour of a new album.

“My motto has always been ‘Forward’ and I always try to do something new with each record," Hampson continues. "I always try to push different influences in there. Specifically for this record, I wanted to counter the idea of the Array EP, on which all the tracks were longer and drawn out. They still had the motorik element of bands like Neu! and Can, but Loop’s always had that. With Sonancy I also wanted to take a post-punk sound, spin it on its head and mix it with a psych influence. A total gumbo. Which has always been Loop, this mash up of spicy rhythms."

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(Image credit: Cooking Vinyl)

Loop: Sonancy
1. Interference
2. Eolian
3. Supra
4. Penumbra I
5. Isochrone
6. Halo
7. Fermion
8. Penumbra II
9. Axion
10. Aurora

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