Listen to Rick Wakeman with Fernando Perdomo on The Crash

Rick Wakeman
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Rick Wakeman and current Yes keyboard player Geoff Downes both guest on a new soundtrack album for the upcoming thriller movie Frost. You can listen to The Crash, featuring Wakeman, from the soundtrack below.

The Crash is the first single from the soundtrack, which has been scored by US musician Fernando Perdomo. The track scores the film’s central incident, an auto accident that leaves the two main characters, a father and daughter, stranded in an icy mountain wilderness where they have to fight for their survival.

As well as Wakeman and Downes, Frost also features contributions from Canadian electro-industrial rockers Front Line Assembly, electric violinist L. Shankar (Peter Gabriel/Frank Zappa) and guitarist and singer Terry Reid

Frost is being released on white vinyl on September 23 while the CD will be part of the special Blu-ray package released on October 11.

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Frist Movie

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Frost O.S.T.
1. The Crash feat. Rick Wakeman
2. Fading Heartbeat feat. Terry Reid
3. Helicopter Rescue feat. L. Shankar
4. First Sign Of Impending Snowstorm feat. L. Shankar
5. Orchid Dreaming - Big Electric Cat
6. Photo Album feat. Terry Reid
7. Hoodoo Man Blues - Junior Wells feat. Joe Louis Walker
8. Desperation feat. Geoff Downes
9. The Bonening - Front Line Assembly
10. Not Alone feat. Rick Wakeman
11. Snowy Landscape feat. Geoff Downes
12. Dad Finally Answers The Walkie feat. L. Shankar
13. Family Tragedy feat. Terry Reid
14. Frosted Blonde feat. Rick Wakeman
15. Intruder - Front Line Assembly [CD/DIGITAL ONLY]

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